Customised, Alternative Legal Services For Law Firms and Legal Departments

At LPO Solutions, we provide customised, legal process outsourcing services which are designed to cater to your unique needs. Our team of experienced legal professionals is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that are efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.


Our contract management services offer businesses an effective approach to managing their contracts. Our team can handle contract drafting, review, and negotiation to ensure compliance and mitigate risks. By leveraging our services, businesses can optimise contract performance, streamline their processes, and realise cost savings.


We offer efficient and accurate document review services to help you with large volumes of documents. Our reviewers can identify key information quickly and accurately, reducing the risk of errors and saving time and costs. We specialise in contracts, litigation, compliance, and due diligence.


Our litigation support services provide comprehensive assistance during a litigation process. Our services include managing and organising case documents, reviewing evidence, conducting research, and preparing trial materials to ensure a smooth and efficient litigation process.

Compliance and
Regulatory Support

We offer compliance and regulatory support to help you navigate intricate regulatory landscapes. Our tailored solutions are designed to ensure that you stay current with regulatory requirements and avoid costly penalties. Our experienced team can assist with regulatory filings, compliance monitoring, and risk assessments.

Whether you require legal research, contract management, document review, litigation support, or compliance and regulatory support, our services are tailored to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome

Admin and
Secretarial Support

LPO Solution’s admin and secretarial support services, assist with scheduling appointments, handling phone calls, drafting correspondence, and other administrative tasks, allowing your team to focus on core legal work.


We offer legal transcription services to assist in converting audio or video recordings into written legal documents with utmost accuracy and quality. Our services include transcription of depositions, interviews, and more.


Our paralegal team provides support in drafting legal documents, conducting legal research, organising and managing files, and preparing for hearings and trials. We have the expertise to assist with a wide range of paralegal tasks, ensuring that you can focus on your primary legal matters.


LPO Solutions delivers e-Discovery services for litigations or investigations. We assist with identification, collection, processing, review, and production of electronically stored information (ESI).

Secretarial Services

We offer company secretarial Services that ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. LPO Solutions can assist with company formation, maintenance, and record-keeping, ensuring they meet all necessary obligations. We help you navigate the complexities of corporate governance

Jurisdictions we serve

Comprehensive Legal Support for Common Law Countries

LPO Solutions is a leading provider of alternative legal services with a specialisation in English common law jurisdictions across countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, and Common law countries.

With our team of legal experts who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the common law legal system in these regions, we offer flexible and customised support to streamline legal processes for global law firms and corporates.

We offer admin and secretarial support, legal transcription, paralegal services, e-Discovery, and corporate secretarial servicesto help you achieve operational excellence.

Our Standards Are
Made for You

At the heart of our services lies a commitment to your standards. Our team, with its specialized skills and dedication, is aligned with your expectations at every step. From initial consultation to final delivery, we ensure that your criteria are met with precision and care. Experience a service tailored to your high standards, where your needs drive our excellence.

Confidentiality and
Data Security

Your data’s security and confidentiality are paramount to us. Our comprehensive approach includes state-of-the-art IT systems, stringent security protocols, and thorough staff training in data protection. We understand the value of your sensitive information, and our measures are designed to offer maximum protection, ensuring your peace of mind in a world where data security is critical.


Discover the depth of our expertise before you commit. Meet and evaluate the lead professional who will guide your project, offering you a transparent view of our competencies. We also provide a risk-free trial period, allowing you to assess our services firsthand with the option to withdraw if your expectations are not met, ensuring your complete satisfaction.


Recognizing the importance of insurance in professional services, we align our operations with your policy’s coverage. We guide you on the implications of outsourcing and facilitate expert consultations to ensure your insurance needs are comprehensively addressed. Trust us to be a partner who understands and respects the nuances of professional indemnity insurance.

Conflict Checks

Our integrity is evident in our meticulous conflict check process. Before any engagement, we conduct thorough reviews to uncover potential conflicts of interest. This transparency ensures that our partnership is built on trust and professionalism, with every engagement reflecting our commitment to ethical and unbiased service.

Your Client’s

We value the trust you and your clients place in us. While we work behind the scenes, we recognize the importance of transparency in client relations. We support you in making necessary disclosures, ensuring clear communication and maintaining the integrity of your client relationships. Our role is to complement your efforts, enhancing client trust through our discreet yet integral contributions.


Effective supervision is key to our collaborative success. We establish clear lines of communication and regular reporting schedules, ensuring you are always informed and in control. Our approach to supervision is proactive and responsive, adapting to your needs and providing updates that keep you connected to the progress of your projects.


Our commitment to compliance is unwavering, ensuring that all services adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements. We stay abreast of evolving regulations and integrate best practices into our operations. Our proactive approach includes regular audits and staff training, ensuring that our work not only meets but often exceeds compliance standards. Trust us to be a partner who navigates the complexities of compliance, offering you peace of mind and safeguarding your reputation in a regulatory environment.


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