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We deliver alternative legal services to law firms and corporate legal departments globally.


We Partner With Law Firms and Corporates to Help Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Our flexible and customised services are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring your legal work is completed with the utmost accuracy and efficiency. Trust us to help you achieve more with our expert alternative legal services. We provide:


Access To A Dynamic Legal Fraternity

Our operation is based in Sri Lanka, giving us access to a legal community of more than 20,000 registered attorneys affiliated with the Bar Association of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s reputation for producing highly qualified LLB graduates with UK qualifications, excellent English language skills, and a profound knowledge of the English Common law system, enables us to provide legal process outsourcing services to clients in common law countries.

Our team consists of experienced legal professionals, outsourcing experts, and tech specialists committed to providing alternative legal service solutions.

Jurisdictions we serve

Comprehensive Legal Support for Common Law Countries

LPO Solutions is a leading provider of alternative legal services with a specialisation in English common law jurisdictions across countries including Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, United States, and Common law countries.

With our team of legal experts who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the common law legal system in these regions, we offer flexible and customised support to streamline legal processes for global law firms and corporates.


Maximising Efficiency and Performance With LPO Solutions

Outsourcing non-core legal processes to LPO Solutions can help law firms and legal departments achieve operational excellence while focusing on revenue-generating work. Our cost-effective solutions leverage labour arbitrage, and we offer flexible staffing arrangements to meet changing needs. Our quality control processes provide guarantees around confidentiality, data security, and compliance, reducing the risk of errors, breaches, and legal or reputational damage.


Leveraging labour arbitrage can reduce expenses associated with in-house staffing, training, and infrastructure.

Increased operational

Outsourcing can improve efficiency and turnaround times, allowing you to provide faster and more responsive service to clients and internal departments.

Focus on
core work

Outsourcing non-core legal tasks, can free up your resources to concentrate on core business needs.

Flexible staffing

Enables you to scale your operations up or down to meet changing business needs.


Robust quality control processes in place to ensure that your work is completed accurately and efficiently.

Access to specialised
expertise and technology

Access to legal professionals and industry specialists who are well-versed in specific legal areas, who can provide specialised expertise that you may not have in-house.


Streamline your legal processes to achieve more with LPO Solutions